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Stop Shark Finning T-shirt

Shark finning is the practice of hacking the fins off the shark on board the fishing vessel and throwing its body - dead or alive - back into the sea. This practice claims the lives of millions of sharks each year and is pushing many previously common species of shark to the brink of extinction. Why is there such a demand for shark fins? Because of shark fin soup, an Asian "delicacy" which has become extremely popular in recent years. Spread the word about shark finning by wearing this shirt.
About the design: a shark fin protruding above the surface of the water is usually seen as a symbol of danger - this is contrasted with a knife blade thrust into the sea, indiscriminately killing sharks. Every year 10 people die in shark attacks; Wild Aid estimate that 200 million sharks are killed every year at human hands. Visit for more information. Printed on organic cotton t-shirts made in the USA.

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