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Recycle T-shirt

Recycle T-shirt. This design by Ban T-shirts incorporates symbols for the "three Rs" - reduce, reuse and recycle. They are also listed in order of importance - firstly we need to reduce our consumption, secondly we should learn to reuse goods instead or trashing or recycling them, and thirdly, we should recycle what cannot be reused.

recycle t-shirt

Reduce, reuse, recycle T-shirt. It's all about reducing the amount of energy we consume in the manufacturing process. The greenest way is not to manufacture (reduce). Once something has been produced, we should reuse it as often as possible; T-shirts you no longer want can be given to someone else, or if they are no longer wearable they can be cut up and used as rags or converted into quilts. Lastly, we should aim to recycle as much as possible in order to avoid having to dispose of it in ways that are not environmentally friendly. T-shirt photo by Michael DiCarlo.

organic and sweat shop free t-shirt
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Green print on Royal or American Apparel natural colored organic T-shirt. Men's and women's sizes.
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