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Moai Earth T-shirt

Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) is famous for its Moai statues which were created to honour deceased "long-ear chiefs". Up until the Moai statues period, Easter Island was heavily forested. It is thought that the islanders cut down all the trees over a period of one or two hundred years so that they could use the trunks to transport the statues. This design, "Moai Earth", depicts a Moai statue towering above the Earth: will we destroy all the forests on our planet, kill all the animals and consume all the resources - just to maintain our way of life for a few more years?

moai earth t-shirt

Jared Diamond wrote of the island that "The overall picture for Easter is the most extreme example of forest destruction in the Pacific, and among the most extreme in the world: the whole forest gone, and all of its tree species extinct."

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