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Political, Environmental and Organic T-shirts

Political T-shirts with progressive messages. A thought-provoking range of political t-shirts and apparel. Shirts about the big issues: the environment, immigration, freedom, war and peace. All our T-shirts are made sweat shop free in the USA. Most designs are now printed on organic cotton T-shirts.

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Political T-shirts: Politics is about your life, the future of the planet and of our children. Participate, don't let the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Koch brothers poison the debate. The mainstream media has no right to have a monopoly over your mind. You may not have a media empire like Murdoch but you can still get your message across on political T-shirts. A good slogan on a t-shirt sends a powerful message to passers-by. Our t-shirt slogans are the antidote to the lies and distortions of the right-wing media. Check out our growing selection of organic cotton t-shirts.
We print our designs on the best American made sweat shop free T-shirts: American Apparel and Royal Apparel.

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Ban T-shirts is an online T-shirt store with left-wing, liberal, socialist, green, progressive and libertarian credentials. You'll find shirts on issues such as war, immigration, and the environment, as well as anti-Glenn Beck, anti-Sarah Palin and anti-Tea Party T-shirts. Our tees help you meet other like-minded people because our political T-shirts get people talking! We sell shirts that are about our right to free speech and to criticise what we think is wrong. Our shirts are for those that understand that patriotism and democracy do not mean blind obedience.

Relax Gringo, I'm Legal T-shirt frog t-shirt thought criminal t-shirtGlobal warming t-shirt gun control t-shirt moai earth t-shirt Sitting Bull T-shirtpro-choice t-shirt

Alternative T-shirts - our apparel is an alternative to the repetitive conformist clothing that you will find in malls and department stores. Why wear a shirt with the word "Gap" or "Nike" on it when you can make a meaningful statement?

Screen printing delivers a high quality T-shirt print. Our T-shirt designs are screen printed onto 100% cotton shirts, a process whereby each color is printed separately onto the garment - we don't use transfers like some t-shirt sites. All our stock is guaranteed sweat shop free and is made in the USA - and most of our designs are now printed on organic T-shirts.

Progressive and liberal T-shirts with a message. At Ban T-Shirts we rack our brains to bring you the coolest left-wing T-shirts and most radical political T-shirts on the internet. We make political apparel that appeals to progressives, liberals, socialists, democrats, greens, ecologists, anarchists and libertarians. Buy a T-shirt today and help spread the word. T-shirts designed mostly by Duncan Carson.