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Darwin anti-creationism T-Shirt

Dinosaurs against creationism T-shirt. Creationists do not believe in evolution, instead preferring to interpret the Bible literally. They believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that it was created in just 6 days. They are not content with just holding such wacky beliefs themselves, they want to force them upon our children in our schools. The great Bill Hicks had a one word retort to creationists: "Dinosaurs". It's a safe bet that if dinosaurs were still around today they would be protesting against creationism!

dinosaurs against creationism t-shirt
dinosaurs against creationism women's t-shirt dinosaurs against creationism men's t-shirt

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Darwin's ideas were ridiculed after the publication of his "On the origin of the Species" in 1859. Today some people still refuse to accept his ideas, but we hope Darwin would smile at this T-shirt if he was still around today.

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