Ban T-shirts: Political T-shirts & Environmental Organic T-shirts

Sweatshop Free and Organic Apparel

Ban T-shirts uses two brands of T-shirts: American Apparel and Royal Apparel. We believe that both these brands offer a wide range of both organic and sweatshop free T-shirts and consistently deliver in terms of quality and style.

American Apparel T-shirtAmerican Apparel has gained considerable popularity due to a simple yet stylish cut of t-shirt. The fabric is 100% cotton (4.4oz/sq yard) and close knit to provide a comfortable soft garment that is also durable. American Apparel make their clothing in a sweatshop free environment in their factory in Los Angeles.

Royal Apparel long sleeved shirtRoyal Apparel produce shirts that are almost identical in cut and sizing to American Apparel. There is no difference in unit cost and they are also made in the USA in a sweatshop free environment. The fabric is 100% cotton (4.4oz/sq yard) and we are now using this brand for several of our designs. Both ourselves and our customers are very happy with these shirts.