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Land Of The Best Free Speech Money Can Buy T-shirt

America, land of the free T-shirt

We live in a free country, with the right of free speech - but apparently "free" also means the freedom to distort the truth and to outright lie. The mainstream media, health insurance companies, the government, food companies - they all have the massive resources necessary to ensure that their opinion is heard more often, and more loudly, than yours or mine. They flood the public space with messages designed to further their own agendas and increase their investments. They set the agenda and greatly influence what the issues of the day are. They would prefer the public's role to be nothing more than choosing between the options and products they present us with. The more money they have, the more "free speech" they can buy. To paraphrase George Orwell "We are all free, but some of us are freer than others". T-shirt photo by Michael DiCarlo.

organic cotton and amerian made
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