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University of Terrorism T-Shirt

Fort Benning Georgia is the location of the military school previously known as the "School of the Americas". At the end of the year 2000 the Pentagon changed the name of the school to the "Western Hemisphere Institute For Security Protection" in a shallow attempt to cover up the institution's murky past. But the bottom line remains the same - it's where 60,000 Latin American students were trained to to torture, terrorise and kill for dictatorships supported by the United States government and your tax dollars. Let people know what has been going on by wearing this t-shirt. To find out more check out the SCHOOL OF AMERICAS WATCH website. This is a list of Latin American graduates from the School of the Americas. The aim of this T-shirt is to raise awareness of the US government's history of supporting repressive regimes in Latin America.

university of terrorism t-shirt

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