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5 Questions With Jason Escape

Jason Escape is an escape artist and mindreader. His shows and performances are well-acclaimed and look like a lot of fun. I don't know Jason personally so I all I had to go on was what I could find out about him on-line, mainly from his website. A big part of what he does is about entertainment but he also crosses over into public speaking and "intuitive consultancy", which from what I can gather, is about helping and healing others. I was hoping Jason would be more forthcoming with some of his answers but I guess he wasn't biting. Or maybe he thought I was being disrespectful with one or two of my questions. I hope that is not the case - I was trying to provoke and challenge (in hopefully a humourous way) but it looks like it didn't work out this time. Anyway, here goes with the questions...

Jason Escape

Question 1. The thought of being tied up and hung upside down in public would fill most people with terror. Do you ever wish you'd become an accountant?

Now THAT'S what fills me with terror! I have an office with an amazing view and I would not trade that for the world.

Question 2. Your chosen profession strikes me as being individualistic, both in the sense that there are not many people around that do it, but also because you're not part of an organisation, so it's all on your own terms. Do you have a problem with authority and is Jason a team player?

I love people but I hate being disrespected. Being my own boss is both challenging and filled with freedom.

Jason Escape

Question 3. On your website you describe yourself as an escape artist and mind reader. However, you also describe yourself as an "intuitive consulatant" and mention things like crystals, astrology and numerology. Do you have any sympathy with people whose minds just go blank (in a non-meditative way) when they see words like that?

Google it.

(For the record I did Google it after I received Jason's responses. I couldn't find any official definition of what an intuitive consultant actually is. The closest I could find was here. There was some non-specific discussion about energy, consciousness, healing, etc, but nothing you could really hang a hat on.)

Question 4. Do you believe people believe you can read their minds?

Yes. Ask the people who I have read for.

Question 5. How much does the public shape who you are?

As souls of the Universe, we are all part of each other's influence. The good in me seeks the good in you.

You can find out more about Jason Escape at his website. Photos used with permission.

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